发现 眼动跟踪

人们说眼睛是心灵的窗户, but they’re also the gateway to knowledge about how people gather information and what influences their actions and decisions. bet8APP下载bet8APP下载的视线的概念从19世纪开始就存在了, and today modern eye tracking technology allows us to gather an unrivaled amount of insight into the human mind.

技术上来说, 眼球追踪是通过测量眼球运动来确定一个人在看哪里的过程, 他们在看什么, 以及他们注视某个特定地点的时间. Because our eyes are one of the primary tools we use for decision making and learning eye tracking is commonly used by researchers and businesses looking to study human behavior because it’s the only way to accurately and objectively measure and understand visual attention.


An eye tracker uses invisible near-infrared light and high definition cameras to project light onto the eye and record the direction it’s reflected off the cornea. Advanced algorithms are then used to calculate the position of the eye and determine exactly w在这里 it is focused. 这使得测量和bet8APP下载视觉行为和精细的眼球运动成为可能, 因为眼睛的位置可以在一秒钟内被绘制多次. 眼球追踪器捕捉这些图像的速度被称为频率. 也可以记录一个人正在看的场景, and using eye tracking software it’s possible to produce a visual map of how the person viewed elements of the scene.

在这篇博文中,bet8APP下载将探讨可用的眼球追踪器的范围, 哪种类型的bet8APP下载是最适合的, 如何理解和解释你的眼动跟踪bet8APP下载的结果, 还有在bet8APP下载中使用眼球追踪的独特好处.


虽然它们的工作原理是一样的,但确实存在 几种不同的眼球追踪设备类型 可用的和最适合用户的取决于他们bet8APP下载的性质. 主要的组别有:

  • 基于屏幕的 -这些是独立的, remote devices which either come as an individual unit or a smaller panel which can be attached to a laptop or monitor.
  • 可穿戴 – These include eye tracking glasses and virtual reality (VR) headsets with integrated eye tracking. 
  • 网络摄像头 -网络摄像头眼球追踪器没有传感器或专用摄像头, 它们仅由连接或内置在计算机上的网络摄像头组成.


基于屏幕的眼球追踪器 are mostly used for research w在这里 the participant interacts or is exposed to the stimuli on a screen. 这些远程眼球追踪器提供了广泛的采样率, and those with a high frequency can provide a large amount of data and a very high level of detail relating to the movement of the eye. 基于屏幕的眼球追踪器 with a large tolerance for head movement are commonly used when studying people with certain medical conditions and infants who are unable to control their movements .

眼球追踪眼镜 are ideal for studying behavior in real-world situations such as browsing the aisles of a supermarket, 玩运动, 乘坐地铁, 在家里消费媒体, 人机交互, 或在工厂工作等. 它们允许自然运动,并且不引人注目, 这意味着穿着者可以在这种情况下做他们通常会做的事. 它们还包含一个内置的场景摄像机和麦克风来记录环境.

摄像头眼睛跟踪 uses the built-in or external webcam attached to a laptop or monitor to collect information on w在这里 the person is looking. 这种方法不使用红外光束或专用摄像机, 相反,它依赖于网络摄像头生成的图像. 然后使用一种算法来计算头部和眼睛的位置, 由此,眼睛的方向与屏幕上的图像相关. 虽然使用这种方法可以获得的信息的深度和准确性有些有限, webcam eye tracking enables large-scale studies and a fast turnaround which is ideal for quantitative research. 这种方法通常用于设计过程的早期, 例如网站或bet8app设计的A/B测试.


任何bet8APP下载的第一步都是确定你想要回答的问题. 专业的眼动跟踪分析软件 用来整理你的数据,给你想要的信息. 有很多程序你可以使用, 但重要的是,你要从一开始就正确地设置bet8APP下载. The level of information you’re able to get out of an eye tracking study will be determined by the type of tracker used, 用来分析数据的程序, 以及你实验的性质. 如果你没有时间或专业知识来收集和分析你自己的数据,那么 bet8APP下载 能帮你吗.



One of the main benefits of eye tracking is that it’s the only method which can be used to objectively and accurately record and analyze visual behavior. 让一个在超市浏览货架的人去回忆是不可能的, 更不用说量化, 他们花在每个项目上的时间, 甚至是他们看的地方或他们最注意的广告. 

眼动跟踪 allows researchers to study the movements of a participant’s eyes during a range of activities. This gives insight into the cognitive processes underlying a wide variety of human behavior and can reveal things such as learning patters and social interaction methods. It also allows for the screening of atypical neuro发展 and cognitive or perceptual disabilities. 眼动跟踪 technology also provides a way for young children and those with neurological impairments, 无法解释自己的思维过程的人, 参与bet8APP下载.


  • 揭示潜意识行为 bet8APP下载人员可以洞察bet8APP下载本能的行为. 
  • 提供公正、客观和可量化的数据 - it removes the need to try and remember or explain w在这里 you looked and prevents study participants assuming details and giving incorrect information.
  • 允许自然行为 -眼球追踪器不显眼,可以正常执行任务.
  • 灵活多变 -它可以使用在几乎任何环境和设置. 
  • 提供高度的详细信息 -取决于设备和软件, 结果可以为深入分析提供非常高的粒度. 
  • 提供实时信息 -在直播中,你可以立即看到对方的眼神.
  • 是解释 -它可以描述难以表达或解释的过程和行为.
  • 提供可视化表示 ——她的, heat maps’ and ‘gaze plots’ show the eye tracking results and how people have interacted with an environment or responded to a stimuli. 
  • 增加其他生物特征数据的价值 -它可以与脑电图,心电图,肌电图,GSR NIRS和更多. 眼动跟踪 can enhance the use of these devices by providing additional information about what led to the physiological responses. 

主要是什么? 眼动跟踪在bet8APP下载中的应用?

While t在这里 are almost endless fields in which this technology and research methodology could be applied, 有几种广泛使用眼动跟踪. 它们包括:

  • 市场bet8APP下载 – 眼动跟踪 offers detailed and unbiased information about consumer behaviors and decision making processes. It allows market researchers and brand owners to study the process consumers undertake when viewing and selecting a product. 它向玩家展示哪些元素最受关注,哪些区域被忽视. 不像调查或问卷, 眼球追踪详细说明了真实行为,这在设计广告时很有用, 品牌, 包装和bet8app植入. 
  • 用户体验 -没有比从用户的角度来测试用户体验更好的方法了. 眼动跟踪 can be used to study the way in which platforms and services are used and how effectively they deliver their goals. 眼动跟踪 can reveal design flaws and even methods of use which may not have been evident in the creative process. 
  • 科学bet8APP下载 -通过bet8APP下载视觉行为,bet8APP下载有可能获得有价值的见解 发展、学习模式和 认知功能障碍或疾病的迹象 比如阿尔茨海默氏症患者, 帕金森症, 精神分裂症, 自闭症, 抑郁症, 脑损伤, 和许多更多. 类似的, dyslexia and other reading or learning difficulties can be identified and studied by using eye tracking.
  • 行业和人力绩效 – 眼动跟踪 can give valuable insight into the methods in which tasks are performed and processes implemented. 眼动跟踪被企业用来识别安全风险, 运营效率低下, and to streamline training; all saving substantial amounts of time and improving productivity. 类似的, sports professionals and coaches can use eye tracking to identify skills and strategies to improve performance. 眼动跟踪 gives a unique snapshot into tasks and actions which are carried out quickly and often subconsciously. 有录像回放和凝视地图, it’s possible to break complex and rapid processes into digestible information which can be studied and turned into training material.

想知道更多关于 眼球追踪及其好处?

T在这里 is a range of information on all the applications of eye tracking and more detailed explanations of specific research tools and their uses 在这里. If you lack the resources to run your own eye tracking study; you can learn more about how our bet8APP下载 can help you 在这里.


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