The NAJAR - IMMO is a real estate development company approved by the Ministry of Equipment and Housing. Its capital is 3.4 million dinars.

Founded in 2012, NAJAR IMMO brings a complete and optimal service that responds effectively to the diversity of customer expectations.

Najar IMMO your partner in construction of multi-family dwellings, semi collective and individual puts its expertise in order to bring your complete satisfaction.

Our values
With all our customers in all our businesses and all our projects, we always act in the same spirit: we associate daring quality to be effective. This is what we believe in, what makes the real estate company IMMO NAJAR distinguished.


The Audacity of NAJAR IMMO consists of the size of projects that we carry and architectural choices that we make, so that the buildings we carry combine aesthetics, atmosphere and performance.

Our partnership with the largest consulting firms and our technical staff guarantee quality in our project.

Our apartments are designed with the utmost care. They take into account the quality of life of our customers.

We consider the expectations and requirements of our customers in architecture and planning.

The use and the practical space are our primary concerns. We think in terms of atmosphere and sensitive experience.

NAJAR IMMO combines urban, architectural and financial performances. Our performance is reflected in the projects we build , and the buildings we manage.

Our performance also lies in our cost control to deliver value to all our stakeholders. Our performance still lies in our process: the complementarity of our team allows us to be always in motion and maintain a process of continuous improvement.

Our team
NAJAR IMMO is distinguished by its team, a powerful and technical staff who are committed to monitor the construction, quality control and timeliness. The team monitors and reviews all the details from concept to completion.

"We keep our promises" NAJAR IMMO team

Our partners

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